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Applications for smart parking and high definition license plate recognition
The 19th edition of Secutech International, held April 19 to 21 in Taipei, Taiwan, will highlight both the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart car concepts, both of which received a lot of publicity at this year’s Computer Electronics Show (CES). Intelligent transportation systems will also be featured at Secutech this year, including electronic toll collection (ETC) systems, smart parking systems, fleet management systems, and more. The latest smart parking systems will allow people and vehicle owners to fully enjoy advanced technologies that solve issues such as forgetting where you parked your car and finding available parking spaces.

Smart parking systems use a combination of images, license plate recognition (LPR) technology, location tracking, and automatic payment gates to optimize parking space usage, improve efficiency of parking operations, and help traffic flow.

When a vehicle approaches the parking lot front gate, an intelligent video surveillance camera begins its LPR analysis and makes records of images and timestamp. At the same time the system also initiates license plate location tracking on the vehicle. Once the owner has received a parking card or tag, the parking system will use voice guidance, imagery, and LED billboards to direct the driver to an available space, eliminating the time needed for owners to circle the parking lot searching for a space. After parking, cameras positioned at each parking spot will take an image of the vehicle, which will be sent back to the system for storage along with other vehicle information.

When the vehicle owner returns to retrieve their car, they can pay parking fees through an automatic payment machine. After payment, a screen next to the payment machine will pull up the owner’s vehicle information — such as vehicle image and parking location information, allowing the owner to quickly retrieve their vehicle. If the owner has difficulty locating their vehicle, the parking card or tag can be used to inquire more information, where the smart parking system will provide a guide map that will lead the owner directly to their vehicle.

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