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Profet AI Shows Outstanding Results and Unveils Three Development Strategies in 2023
Profet AI, the leading provider of AI applications for the manufacturing industry, reported impressive results and outlined its 2023 growth strategy focused on the “Leap". The company aims to build a Taiwan-rooted enterprise software brand with a market value exceeding US$1 billion and to expand its presence internationally, creating new opportunities for partners and customers around the world. To achieve this, Profet AI plans to accelerate overseas market deployment, strengthen product lines, and enhance talent recruitment and cultivation.

Deep knowledge of the manufacturing domain and easy-to-use products: Profet AI grows against the odds

In the past year, Profet AI completed its Series A fundraising and raised over US$6.4 million. The company's R&D team developed the no-code AutoML platform, incorporating machine learning algorithms specific to the manufacturing industry for rapid deployment of AI applications. With this platform, companies can upload data and automatically generate high-quality predictive models within a short period of time, allowing them to implement AI applications within a week. The platform improves customers’ production efficiency, solves factory expansion or globalisation management problems, and increases AI competitiveness.

Profet AI's deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry and easy-to-use products has driven its growth against the trend in the past year, including expansion into overseas markets. The company now has offices in Taiwan, Japan, and China, and has doubled its employee count. The company’s business scale has also doubled, with a capital utilization efficiency of over 1, and won over 100 medium- and large-sized manufacturing companies across 12 industries as customers. Over 70% of these customers are industry leaders and listed companies, including AUO, Qisda, Everest Textile, WUS Printed Circuit, Eternal Materials, and Cheng Shin Rubber, etc.

Jerry Huang, co-founder and CEO of Profet AI, indicated the main challenges to digital optimization and transformation in today's manufacturing industry comes from the disconnect between product solutions and production line realities. With Taiwan's manufacturing industry playing a pivotal role in the global industry chain, Profet AI is able to take advantage of its close proximity to world-renowned manufacturers to create the most suitable AI software solutions and compete with world-class manufacturing AI brands.

See more: https://www.profetai.com/post/press_release-0210-9?lang=en
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