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At the 2023 Secutech Taipei, AIRA corporation partners with Nx to improve comprehensive site security solutions across various fields with AI technology.
The 2023 Secutech Taipei is held at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1. AIRA showcases facial recognition and personnel tracking solutions. Exhibiting in the Nx Pavilion and AI ClubHouse, AIRA provides customers with more comprehensive solutions.

AIRA is a Taiwanese company that has independently developed video recognition algorithms. Led by CEO Frank Li, the team has integrated technology with the Nx meta open platform from VMS giant Network Optix, allowing AIRA to effectively manage cameras in various scenarios such as facial recognition and personnel tracking.

At the 2023 Secutech exhibition, AIRA showcases airaFace, the facial recognition system, and airaTrack, the personnel tracking system. airaFace is currently the safest facial recognition system in the industry, with extremely fast recognition speed and high flexibility, meeting various security, epidemic prevention, real-name registration, welcoming guests, and special personnel alarm needs.

airaTrack can perform personnel tracking across the entire field without infringing on privacy rights. It does not require prior registration of personnel information. It can quickly identify all personnel appearing in a segment by capturing and confirming targets in real-time through existing monitoring cameras, even if they are wearing masks.

AIRA's vision is not limited to the domestic market. This year AIRA will also be attending the IFsec exhibition in the UK to promote solutions in the overseas market, showcasing the unique applications of Taiwanese AI video recognition manufacturers to the world.
Company name AIRA Corporation.
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