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Ardomus Networks Corporation Unveils Wi-SUN Mesh Gateway for Enhanced IoT Operation Efficiency and Sustainability
As the world moves towards more sustainable practices, the ESG trend has also highlighted the importance of IoT applications in achieving carbon reduction goals. One such powerful tool for businesses in the realm of IoT is the "Wi-SUN Mesh Modbus IoT Gateway", provided by Ardomus Networks Corporation, a leading provider of complete IoT solutions. The Ardomus Wi-SUN Mesh Gateway enables businesses to monitor factory data and optimize energy usage, which can contribute to meeting the 2050 “Net-Zero Carbon Emission” goal.

One of the key reasons why many businesses are choosing the Ardomus Wi-SUN Mesh Gateway is its three-fold benefits of reliability, scalability, and data security. The Wi-SUN Mesh solution provides reliable and secure wireless connectivity, free from Wi-Fi disturbances, making it suitable for areas with partitions, remote use and large-scale metering. The highly scalable and self-healing nature of Wi-SUN Mesh networks makes it ideal for businesses building a large number of IoT connectivity devices or those anticipating significant growth. Moreover, Wi-SUN Mesh networks use advanced encryption and authentication protocols to ensure strong security and protect against unauthorized access and data breaches, ensuring data privacy and integrity.

The Ardomus Wi-SUN Mesh Gateway is also specifically designed to enhance operational efficiency in the energy management metering industry. With its seamless connectivity, businesses can easily implement remote meter reading, remote control, and system linkage, enabling the digitalization of energy data efficiency management of IoT devices and processes. Combining data automation and energy management systems (EMS), our solution effectively promotes carbon reduction and achieves energy conservation through data analysis, management, and technology. As such, it is an ideal solution for businesses operating in the energy management metering industry.

Ardomus Networks Corporation is a trusted company with a proven track record in delivering high-quality IoT solutions. Ardomus Networks Corporation is backed by its parent company, Zyxel (Zyxel Group), a reputable enterprise with over 35 years of experience and a global presence in more than 55 countries. With a strong history of providing products and services to world-renowned telecom operators, mobile network operators, and enterprise users, Ardomus Networks Corporation has established itself as a reliable partner for IoT solutions.

Ardomus Networks Corporation welcomes collaborations with international well-known brands and businesses with customized IoT needs. The company's full-dimensional production approach, from product research and development to design, production, manufacturing, and shipment, ensures strict quality control and provides customers with the best guarantee for their IoT projects.

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